Thursday, February 28, 2013

One Dress One Month update

 photo days8-9_zps7835c079.png
Days 8 and 9

 photo days10-11_zpsdb7b1080.png
Days 10 and 11

 photo days12-14_zps21fe56bf.png
Days 12 and 14
The day I got a new mirror I also forgot to take a pic.
Hankin uuden peilin, ja unohdin asukuvan.

 photo days15-18_zps46080b14.png
Days 15 and 18
I spent the days in between writing an essay and drinking coffee. I have no memory of my outfits, and neither has my camera.
Käytin näiden päivien välisen viikonlopun esseetä kirjoittaen ja kahvia kitaten. En muista, mihin pukeuduin, eikä muista kameranikaan.

 photo days19-20_zps17d96aa1.png
Days 19 and 20

 photo days21-22_zps17beb952.png
Days 21 and 22

 photo days23-24_zpsac3a01eb.png
Days 23 and 24

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